Have You Ever Seen a Snake Give Birth? Now You Have

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Warning: This video may be graphic for some readers.

A sand boa snake gave birth to six slithering babies last week, and the fascinating moment was captured on video.

Reptile Collective, a company that breeds snakes in the United States, shared the footage on Facebook, garnering over 11 million views already, writing, “Always cool to witness live birth.”

In the video, a mama sand boa delivers six healthy little babies, all encased in individual membranes. Reptile Collective made sure to let viewers know that all six snake babies are still alive and doing well.

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“Yes all the babies made it. Here are all of them,” the company wrote, sharing a photo of them. “Thank you for all of the interest. Sand boas are AMAZING animals that stay small and generally very tractable and tolerant of us humans.”

Many viewers were surprised to see the snake give birth, as most thought snakes laid eggs. While 70 percent of the world’s snakes do lay eggs, the rest birth live young. Those who do give birth tend to live in cooler regions where the ground is too cold for eggs to develop.

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