Everyone’s lucky to be alive after a police officer ran a red light and didn’t make it Youtube/Road Cams

Emergency vehicles run red lights all the time, and usually it’s in the act of responding to a call.

But it’s not as easy as rolling up to an intersection at full speed and blowing through it with your sirens on. Emergency vehicles need to slow down before blasting through a red light, especially since other drivers may not have time to stop safely and let them proceed.

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An Altoona, PA police officer didn’t quite follow that advice in this dashcam video posted by Road Cams.

The officer makes it through at least one intersection, but when they approach one red light – with a house that acted as a blind, no less – they just didn’t slow down in time to avoid a Pontiac speeding through the intersection. Ouch! The police vehicle rolls over before the camera cuts out.

Jalopnik writes that, miraculously, the Pontiac driver and police officer walked away with only minor injuries.

The police officer was cited for failing to slow down in approaching the light.

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