This video comes from the tremendously titled YouTube channel Dash Cam Owners Australia, which obviously contains a a glorious collection of clips that combine two of the finest viral video ingredients: dashcams and Australians. This particular video also includes a dash of instant karma, meaning it’s as close to perfect as any video you’re likely to see.

As the video begins, we see a car come to a sudden stop in front of the car from which the footage is being captured. The driver and passenger of the dashcam car are clearly confused by stop, but they soon discover why the car in front has paused, as the disgruntled driver gets out of the car.

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Presumably possessed by road rage, the angry man lunges for the dashcam car, but he pays the price for his aggression — his car rolls backwards, and the door knocks him to the ground. He loses a flip-flop, and his car makes contact with the car behind as the driver and passenger swear hilariously in Aussie accents.

You’d think this humiliation would be enough for the angry man to turn tail and run. But nope. He gets to his feet and continues moving toward the other vehicle, only to be shut down by the commands of its inhabitants: “Mate, put your car in park!”

This post was originally published on October 23, 2017.

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