A family thought their self-flushing toilet was haunted — the real culprit was just as creepy

Facebook/Snake Catcher Noosa

Thanks to the help of a local snake catcher, an Australian family who was convinced their ever-flushing toilet was haunted now knows the real culprit behind it all.

The frustrated family’s toilet had been randomly flushing by itself for a few days before they decided to open the back of the device to find a 13-foot brown tree snake slithering about. The immediately called a snake catcher named Luke to come remove the “pretty grumpy” house guest from his new lair.

“We’ve got ourselves a brown tree snake in behind where the toilet flushes,” Luke explains in the video of himself capturing the reptile, which was shared online. “Hopefully, he’s going to be able to come straight out … But he’s a little bit grumpy.”

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While trying to remove the animal, the snake lunges at Luke, eliciting screams from the family watching the ordeal. Eventually, Luke is able to pull the snake completely out of the wall and to drop it into a bag while the family applauds and cheers. The animal was then safely relocated to the wild.

“It was a quick catch, but it needed to be,” Luke wrote on his Facebook page after coming to the rescue. “That or putting my hand down into the toilet water.”

Since the video was posted, it has garnered over 11,000 views and hundreds of reactions. Social media users having been praising Luke’s skills in the comments.

“Can’t believe how quick your reaction time is!” one wrote.

Fast pullback there bro!” another noted.

“Can’t believe what strange places these snakes hide in….How the hell did he get in there?” another person wondered.

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