Fed up DoorDash Driver Refuses to Hand Over Food After Receiving $8 Tip from Customer

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A video has resurfaced telling the tantrum-filled tale of a DoorDash driver that had grown quite tired of measly tips for big trips.

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An Altercation

With nearly one million views on youtube since its initial posting in 2021, the video shows a DoorDash driver refuses to give the ordering customer his food because he only tipped her $8. The Ring camera clip shows the woman yelling at the man after making a 12.5 trip to bring him his meal.

The woman states that the customer “must not realize” just how far she traveled to deliver the food. She explains that she picked up the meal in Commack, Long Island, then drove a grueling 40 minutes before she arrived at the man’s home in Smithtown. The customer argues with the driver, saying that the trip should have only taken her between 15 and 20 minutes. 

“It’s not, you need to try and drive it. I just drove it, it’s 40 minutes. It’s 12 and a half miles,” the angry driver argues.

When she asks for the customer to increase the tip he provided, he refuses. “What the h–l are you looking for? I gave an $8 tip.”

A Plea Unheard


The delivery driver then turns away from the camera and starts to leave the home, claiming that she was going to return the customer’s meal.

As views have continued to climb on the clip, several people are weighing in with their opinions.

“She’s insane. Tips are optional. If you don’t like it then get a side hustle that doesn’t deal with tips. She refused to give this guy’s his food and all she accomplished was reducing her tip from $8 to zero and the guy probably got a full refund PLUS extra credits for his inconvenience. He won and she lost,” one user commented.

Several agreed, saying the driver was out of line.

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