Firefighters were called to rescue a dog stuck in the ice — the video will melt your heart

Facebook/Swift Current Fire Department

A group of firefighters in Canada’s Saskatchewan province were called out to rescue a dog that fell through the ice of a frozen river.

The German shepherd mix was apparently out for a walk when the incident occurred. Although how the little guy ended up on the ice is still a mystery — perhaps Canadians don’t use leashes.

As you can see from the video, one of the firefighters lays down on the ice — while tethered to a colleague by a rope — and carefully skids across the ice to the dog’s location.

After some fumbling, and an almost catastrophic mishap, the hero firefighter is eventually able to pull the dog free from it’s frosty prison.

It’s grim up north! And this little guy has the sniffles to prove it!

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Saskatchewan is situated in the central Prairie between Alberta on the west, Manitoba on the east and the US to the south, according to The Canadian Encyclopedia. The province is a rectangular shape and is the only Canadian province that has no borders landform feature borders like rivers or mountain ranges. The population of Saskatchewan is around 1,098,352 people and the area is around 651,036 km2.

Saskatchewan winters normally begin in November and temperatures generally remain below freezing.

Never chase after your dog if they run out onto the ice. “If the ice isn’t strong enough to hold a dog, it’s not going to be strong enough to hold a person,” Police Capt. Jon McKeon told The Coloradoan back in January.  “Dogs do a pretty good job of holding themselves tight until we can get to them.”

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