It’s never the wrong time to get your twerk on, as proven by a few Floridians.

President Trump and his family traveled to his Mar-A-Lago property in Palm Beach for the Thanksgiving holiday. As with any official trip made by the First Family, the Trumps traveled from Palm Beach International Airport to the property via a motorcade.

While motorcades are usually uneventful, and attention is usually focused on the person being escorted, one person caught the moment some locals decided to make the best of the traffic jam caused by the president.

A video lasting just over half a minute showed two people exit a car and start to twerk on the highway.

While twerking is certainly nothing new, HuffPost noted car twerking took south Florida by a storm earlier in the year as young people flocked to Miami for Spring Break.

A young bikini-clad woman was recorded hanging out of a vehicle, leg draped along the roof and twerking up a storm while her friend sped down MacArthur Causeway.

Another bikini-clad Spring Breaker who (unsuccessfully) twerked on a police ATV.

Miami Beach Officer Ernesto Rodriguez said, “The beachgoer made a poor choice when she mounted one of our vehicles as the officer was retreating from a large crowd.”

Rodriguez said that he wanted beach visitors to “have a good time not only safely but also responsibly.”

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