(Warning: Content may be disturbing to some viewers.)

An upsetting video showing someone taking advantage of a drunken woman is quickly going viral.

Posted by YouTube user Chris Haddow, the nearly three-and-a-half-minute video shows an intoxicated woman nearly passed out next to a nearly empty bottle of liquor. A man is bent over her, taking advantage of her without permission. It’s not known whether they knew each other or were strangers.

According to its title, the video was filmed on the Las Vegas Strip.

While it is not immediately clear if the person behind the camera is Haddow or someone else, the person does nothing to stop the assault. Others follow suit, choosing to look at the incident or record it rather than step in to help. Some even laugh.

Nearly halfway through, a woman approaches and appears to ask the victim if she is okay. She walks away seconds later.

A man drops a purse likely belonging to the drunken woman next to her and walks away.

Another woman approaches two minutes into the video and also appears to inquire about the victim’s well-being. She too walks away merely seconds later.

The man continues and at one point climbs on top of his victim. Some people from behind the camera egg him on.

Some viewers were less than impressed with the lack of intervention on the part of the cameraman.

“Why in the hell didn’t you do anything or call the police? That’s straight up sexual assault!” one commenter asked. Another criticized, “And you stand there filming this? Pure scum.”


“So not only do you film this and put it on [YouTube] but you do it with the knowledge that she was being taken advantage of? You’re scum,” added a third commenter.

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