Warning: the video below shows a shooting.

A rookie NYPD police officer and his partner found themselves in a dangerous situation on Oct. 22, when, in the course of responding to a 911 call that a suicidal man was in an apartment building in Hamilton Heights, that man charged toward officers with a knife.

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CBS2 obtained the body camera footage, and it shows how quickly the officers had to respond.

Officers Gino Guerra and Alvin Pizzaro, the latter an 11-year vet on the force, knocked on a door and asked, “How you doing?”

The man, who has since been identified as 27-year-old Paris Cummings, can be seen exiting the apartment and running directly at the officers while holding a knife.

Police on scene responded by firing a single shot, which hit Cummings in the leg. Although we can’t see them, CBS reported that police recovered two knives at the scene.

Disturbingly, Cummings had already stabbed himself in the neck at the time he charged at officers. While he has since recovered from that injury and the gunshot wound, he now faces the charged of attempted murder of a police officer.

Just two months ago, a NYPD police first occurred, as the department released body camera of a fatal shooting of a civilian. Viewer discretion of that is advised.

The lengthy encounter between police and 31-year-old Miguel Richards of the Bronx ended with Richards’ death. Numerous attempts to coax Richards into dropping a raised knife did not work, Patch reported.


Richards is backed into the corner of a bedroom and wearing sunglasses.


The situation escalated when police noticed that Richards may have had a gun. One of the responding officers pleaded with Richards, saying that he didn’t want to shoot him over a fake gun.

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Soon after, police said Richards raised a toy pistol with a laser pointer and was shot 16 times.

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