It was no laughing matter Friday on the snowy and icy roads of Michigan, and one man’s video from inside his car is all the proof you need.

Retiree Jim Perreault said that if it weren’t for the relatively safer confines of his Chevy, Friday might have ended a whole lot worse for him and Sue.

The video he filmed and posted on Facebook is so chaotic and frightening that it’s been watched more than 10 million times in a couple of days.

“This is how Sue and I spent the afternoon today. We were not hurt thank God. My Chevy truck can take a hit!” he wrote on Facebook.

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Perreault’s live commentary on what was happening around him was worth the price of admission, which is admittedly zero. But you know what we mean.

The massive pile-up occurred on Michigan Highway US-31 in Muskegon. The number of cars sliding off of the road was seemingly endless.

Some motorists even got out of their cars, which is a big no-no for two reasons: it’s extremely unsafe and it could get you a ticket.

Let this be a lesson to anyone driving in these wintry conditions to slow down. It’s not just the snow and the ice, it’s the lack visibility that leads many drivers to ditches.

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