Gigantic waves in Antarctica absolutely rocked a navy ship, and we can’t look away Isaac Ford/Instagram
Isaac Ford/Instagram

We’ve seen these kind of majestic waves before in the North Sea, but this time the waters over Antartica’s Southern Ocean were filmed bombarding a New Zealand Navy ship.

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It is powerful to behold.

The video, posted on Instagram by a marine technician Isaac Ford of the Royal New Zealand Navy, showed the waves rising and crashing down hard on the ship but not overcoming it.

The video was filmed in December of 2017 and is still getting a lot of oohs and ahs on the internet, to the tune of more than 50,000 views.

Before you know it, water pools on the ship and soaks the windows.

The sailors aboard didn’t even blink and can actually be heard laughing about this. Clearly, they didn’t have any fear of these waves.

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As we said earlier, there have been other instances where intense waves were filmed bombarding ships.

That time, the water surged upwards of 100 feet.

You can compare the waves by watching the video below.

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