“Family Feud” got wild the moment host Steve Harvey asked two lady contestants to “Name something you’d do if your husband made reservations for you on a swingers cruise.”

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One hundred married women were already asked for an answer to this question, and a contestant named Jerica blurted out the following answer: “Bring my best friend.”

YouTube/Family Feud

It wasn’t on the board, but no one could contain their laughter.

Carol’s face was everything.

YouTube/Family Feud

But just when you thought Carol was scandalized, she fired back in the best way.

“I told you I couldn’t go,” she said to Jerica.

Then, of course, Carol had a free shot to get an answer on the board, and it was the top answer those 100 married women gave.

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“I wouldn’t go,” she said.

YouTube/Family Feud

And, boom went the dynamite.

Carol’s reaction was even better than her answer.

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