A man at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta took his shirt off and apparently challenged a Delta desk attendant to a fight, according to video posted to Instagram today.

The unidentified man tells a desk attendant to “Do something to me,” removing his hat and shirt, but not his sunglasses, which somehow stay coolly attached to his head.

“I’m not police,” says the desk attendant, to which the shirtless man says “You ain’t shit!” A coworker then says she’s off to call TSA.

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It does seem like the shirtless man had an important flight to catch. Between cursing at the Delta desk attendant, who is demonstrating remarkable patience at this point, the man says that he’s headed to detox in Utah, adding something about his family.

Then, the family man resumes swearing at the Delta attendant.

Video of the incident was posted by Instagram user Mark Morin. When interviewed, Morin was as confused about the incident as we are. He said the incident happened just beyond the TSA checkpoint at one of the airport’s Delta counters.

Morin did not see the man put his shirt back on.

Patrick is a content editor for Rare.
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