A 26-second video shared to YouTube appears to show a high school bully getting exactly what he had coming.

In the footage, the bully, wearing a black shirt, follows another student down the hallway. The audio is a bit difficult to make out, but it’s clear the bully is taunting the other student. As the student tries to ignore him and to continue walking, the bully steps out in front of him and throws the first punch.

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In a turn of events that has shocked viewers, the other student swiftly picks up the bully and body slams him to the ground, where he proceeds to lay his own punch on him. The bully is left lying on the floor, and while it’s unclear whether he suffered any injuries, it is definitely clear he’s aware he just made a huge mistake.

“That’s what happens when you talk shit,” someone in the background can be heard saying, as other students gather around the scene.

The exact location of the video is currently unknown, but it’s believed to have been filmed somewhere in the United States.

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High school bully quickly realizes he picked the wrong kid to mess with in this shocking video YouTube/Interesting Footage
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