Hillary Clinton, yet again, tried to appear to cool while addressing her latest scandal on Friday night and did so with a bizarre video that quickly made its rounds on social media.

“Hey everyone, I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for your feminism, for your activism, and all I can hope is you keep up the really important, good work,” the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate says in the video, which was posted to Twitter.

After an award pause and obvious prompting from someone off-camera, Clinton laughed and added, “And let me just say, this is directed to the activist bitches supporting bitches, so let’s go.”

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Clinton’s video came just hours after a report revealed that she played an active role in protecting a senior adviser to her 2008 presidential campaign who was accused of repeatedly sexually harassing a young female staffer. The report noted that her then campaign manager recommended that the adviser be fired, but Clinton insisted upon keeping him on board, choosing instead to dock his pay and ordering him to attend counseling. In the meantime, the staffer was moved into another role.

The former secretary of state responded to the report Friday evening, in a tweet saying, “A story appeared today about something that happened in 2008. I was dismayed when it occurred, but was heartened the young woman came forward, was heard, and had her concerns taken seriously and addressed.”

She followed up in another tweet to say, “I called her today to tell her how proud I am of her and to make sure she knows what all women should: we deserve to be heard.”

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