The moment a woman in Texas heard what sounded like glass breaking at the front of her house, she had a suspicion something unsavory was taking place, so she dialed 911 as she went to check out what had happened. She quickly realized someone had smashed in her window.

Then came a knock at the door. It was a man claiming to be a concerned neighbor. But that was a trick, as the woman surmised, and what happened next has to be one of the most frightening experiences a homeowner can have.

The entire ordeal was all captured the surveillance camera above the front door of her house.

The video shows suspect Davieon Reed talking to the the homeowner, pretending to be a neighbor concerned about the noise. The homeowner tells them, “I’m on the phone with 911 right now.”

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At that moment, two men with their faces covered and brandishing firearms charged at the woman. She immediately screams and a moment of chaos ensues. Suddenly, the woman’s dog can be heard barking, and the two gunmen turn and run away.

The man who initially came to the door, acting as a concerned neighbor, remained on the porch. The woman looked at him and said, “Who the f**k were they?!”

The woman went into the house and the video ends as the man seems to smile just a bit at the scene that had just unfolded.

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In all, four suspects were arrested: 22-year-old Davieon Reed along with suspects identified as Gjavion Smith-Williams, 17, Jamal Marbury, 18 and Daquan Lavant. Two other remaining suspects were found in two vehicles parked nearby. A juvenile was also taken into custody.

Police officers discovered the weapons the men had as well as the clothing they were seen wearing in the home surveillance video inside the vehicles.


The bond has been set at $100,000 by Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke for each of the suspects in question.

All of the adult suspects have been transferred to Bell County Jail.

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