Howling winds hurl a silo into the road, feet from passing cars


Powerful northern gusts were enough to uproot a silo and send it skyward, landing it on a road, where it rolled only feet from passing cars.

A video of the wayward cylinder found its way to Facebook, reports GlobalNews. The Canadian province of Alberta was under a wind warning at the time; their national weather service declared, “Strong winds that may cause damage are expected or occurring.” The winds were estimated to reach up to 70 miles per hour.

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The agency claimed that they issue warnings when “there is a significant risk of damaging winds.”

While we might think of silos as a mostly American farm staple, they are common all over the world. And finding one rolling across the highway in front of you isn’t actually the worst thing that can happen with these agricultural mainstays: on certain occasions, they explode. When highly-combustible grain dust builds up in the tubes, all it takes is a little bit of friction or static electricity to spark an explosion.

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