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Hey rednecks, when you evacuate your property during a hurricane don’t leave your animals locked up to die a slow, terrifying, watery death. What the actual f**k is wrong with you? There’s a common refrain from rural folk when it comes to the treatment of dogs and cats that things are “just different” out there. Basically, that’s just code for, “We value the life of dogs way less, and are downright cruel about it.” It’s messed up.

Even when this type of stuff isn’t happening during a hurricane there are plenty of stories about boxes of puppies being left on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, or dogs that wouldn’t survive a night being tossed out into the woods. It’s all pretty rage inducing stuff. Seeing these videos both somehow make me lose faith in humanity, only to immediately have it restored. I hope the owners of these dogs never get another pet for the rest of their lives.

Whoever owns the property the beagles were found on legitimately deserves animal cruelty charges. I would very much like that person to see what it feels like to be locked up and helpless. There are, obviously, things that make sense when living a life in one type of place compared to another, but this isn’t one of them.

Serious praise needs to be given to the Coast Guard, the volunteers, and everyone else who is out there rescuing these animals that were left to die. And also to the hundreds of people who are lining up to adopt abandoned animals.

Faith in humanity restored. I’m glad all these pets were able to find loving forever homes out of the hell they were rescued from. Now never let these people who left their dogs behind have an animal again. They are no bueno forever.

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