A man claiming to be a “U.S. combat veteran” completely lost his cool during a road rage incident and ended up punching another driver in the face for allegedly trying to run him off the road.

Footage of the incident, recorded in Colorado and posted online, shows a couple sitting in their car after pulling over to the side of the road as a large, angry, bearded man storms toward them from another vehicle. The angry driver, reportedly identified as a disabled Army veteran, begins screaming at the couple and accusing them of cutting him off when he tried to pass them.

The trio continues yelling at each other throughout the three minute video until the alleged veteran reaches through the couple’s car window and punches the driver right in the face. He begins to talk away, but quickly returns to slap the man across the face again.

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“What the fuck is wrong with you?” he asks the man he just punched. “You wouldn’t get out of my way with your car.”

When the couple tells the angry man that they’ve written down his license plate number, he simply responds, “I’m a combat veteran.”

“You’re not acting like it,” the woman says.

According to the couple, the angry driver had been tailgating them, so they pulled over to get out of his way. However, the man clearly did not have the same recollection of events and insists, “You fucking ran me off when I was trying to pass.”

“I was trying to pass you and you didn’t like it because you’re a fucking child,” the driver who got punched replies.

The bearded man then says, “I’ll kill you.”

It’s unclear if the incident was reported to police.

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