Frisky Guy Makes It to Second Base on Live Game Cam

Getting restless at the top of the third inning is not a good sign for how entertaining a baseball game is — even with a 2-0 score.

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That’s the only plausible reason for this guy getting frisky with (I hope) his girlfriend in the middle of a game. Another good reason for grabbing is because you know the camera’s on you, and you want to stick it to the man by sticking it to your girl in the most PG-13-way possible.

Why is everyone always sticking it to the man anyway, and where does he live?

She looks like she’s laughing, so they must at least know each other. But what about her parents, how friendly should they be toward her beau? Is this the kind of guy you want your little girl coming to you to say, mom he’s the one! I can feel it!

OK, pretty cheap joke there but I blame it on baseball boy.

And what about his parents, son, what have we told you about on camera hijinks? Keep your hands to yourself when the red light is on.

Of course baseball games and other sporting events are supposed to be family friendly, so there’s an obvious reason for cutting back to action before things got more testy. Or breasty.

This post was originally published on August 29, 2017. 

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