Insane fist fight over a parking space ends with a woman getting stabbed

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A brawl between two women over a parking space ended with a third woman getting stabbed, according to police. Violence unfolded when two unidentified women, aged 22 and 21, began fist fighting each other over a place to park at Rogue Park in Detroit, Mich. Police believe that one group of women was attempting to pull into a space when another group stole the spot from them. Both groups of ladies got out of their cars and started fighting.

The footage, which has since gone viral online, shows two women rolling around on the ground and throwing punches at each other as onlookers cheer. Mid-video, another woman suddenly emerges from the crowd covered in blood and claims she’s been stabbed. According to WDIV-TV, someone did pull out a knife and began cutting people, and the woman who was injured is currently in stable condition.

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“We have an issue out here with how to cope with our problems that we have,” Detroit police Commander Aric Tosqui said. “People arguing over a parking spot escalating to violence, it’s ridiculous that people act that way.”

The two women at the center of the incident were taken to jail after the fight, but no charges have yet been filed as police are taking time to comb through videos of the ordeal. They hope to see more witnesses helping next time something similar occurs, rather than cheering it on and filming it.

“They’re not recording to give video to police, they’re recording because they found it to be entertaining,” Tosqui said. “I understand there are folks that don’t want to get involved, but if you don’t want to, then you shouldn’t be egging people on.”

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