Video taken by a witness shows a man who attacked another man in broad daylight with a sword in Boulder, Colorado. The suspect — arrested and identified as Cody Scott Parker, 26 — took the sword from the backpack of the victim, identified as Chris Dassau, according to KDVR.

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In the video, Dassau attempts to defend himself by raising his hands and even grabbing the blade — which his attacker, allegedly Parker, pulls away, leaving a wound. Parker then allegedly took a swing at Dassau, wounding Dassau’s thigh as well.

The two reportedly knew each other before the fight. Parker faces first-degree assault charges. Aneta Urban, Parker’s girlfriend, also faces a charge of conspiracy to commit first-degree assault.

Parker reportedly told Dassau the attack was because “You got my old lady jumped.” Dassau denies any knowledge of this, but police say that Aneta Urban and Dassau’s girlfriend — unnamed at this time –had a “previous argument,” per KDVR.

Dassau told police that he heard a female voice say “Baby, take the bike and get out of here. You did what I told you to do,” before Parker left.

According to uploader David Navarette, the attacker fled up a nearby bike path after the attack. Navarette says he did not get involved because he was with his child at the time.

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