Two people in Texas suffered non life-threatening injuries after a crane toppled over. Judging by the video that was captured of the incident, it’s a bit surprising that more people weren’t hurt.

A crane is seen picking up a concrete wall before something snaps, causing the wall to fall to the ground. At least one construction worker standing on the slab is thrown to the ground while others move away from the area.

“Holy crap,” says the person behind the camera.

The crane begins to tilt only moments later. Those in the immediate area only had seconds to react.

KXAN reported that one of the two injured was pinned underneath the crane. One was taken to St. David’s South Austin hospital while the other refused transport.

“A crane did overturn this morning on the project site in question. No injuries were reported except one worker slightly injuring his foot when exiting the crane cab,” explained Justin Deming on behalf of Raymond Construct Company Inc., the project’s contractor.

“I think everyone is lucky that there were no fatalities,” said Dave Ritchie, veteran crane operator and safety consultant for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. “People are in the most dangerous location according to load position and you can’t get away from it.”

He suggested the use of a taller crane for such projects, saying, “Most of their accidents occur during lifting operations because they don’t have as many safety devices built into them as a tower crane and they’re much easier to override those safety systems.”

The contractor will continue its investigation into the events.

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