Just when you thought the airline nightmare was over, a Delta pilot was caught on video smacking a passenger Screenshot/TMZ

It seems like the airlines just can’t get their act together.

A firestorm was initially sparked by a viral video of a passenger being dragged off a United Airlines flight. Then, a prized rabbit died on a United Flight, and then, an American Airlines employee tried to fight a passenger.

The new video took place at the Atlanta airport, and TMZ reported that the incident took place on either Sunday or Monday.

Apparently, two women were fighting when the pilot tried to pull them apart, and the situation escalated into him smacking one of the women.

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A representative from Delta reportedly released the video and was very upset that security wasn’t called. Delta told TMZ that they’re taking the incident “very seriously.”

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It’s difficult to say exactly what happened or who was ultimately in the wrong here, but we’re expecting more details to be revealed.

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