A Canadian man captured an extraordinary moment while he was fishing.

Bob Fraumeni was boating in Victoria, British Columbia, when an orca whale breached the surface, reports KIRO 7.

“Oh my God,” shouted the excited man. “Oh, Lord love a duck.”

Fraumeni was saying how the whale “just about jumped in the boat” when the animal breached a second time, this appearance on another side of the boat. The man also caught the rocking of the boat, brought on by the whale’s movement.

The video was shared on Facebook by Paul Keene, Fraumeni’s fishing buddy.

Keene explained his own reaction to the video:

So I’m having breaky at Jam Cafe this morning with my fishing buddy Bob Fraumeni…and he pulls out this vid that he took yesterday off Race Rocks… Got a pretty good shot of some orcas yesterday bud” he says.

Well, fack me dead man… “pretty good shot”?! I had to pick my jaw up off the table and bolt it back into place.

Keene said that Fraumeni was in possession of other similar videos.

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