McDonald’s customer claims he saw an employee gathering a gross secret ingredient for cold drinks YouTube/ViralVideo

A McDonald’s China customer insists he saw an employee shoveling snow from the street into a blender and carrying it back into the kitchen of the restaurant, presumably to make cold drinks.

In an interview, the man, identified as Mr. Chao, said he was shocked and disgusted to see the employee bring snow into the restaurant four different times. He believes the melted snow was then used to make cold drinks, as he saw the employee pour it into a container marked “for ice.” While he did not personally witness the staff making drinks with the snow, and and his friends indicated that they were not feeling well after their meals and are suspicious.

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Chao shared a video of the incident online, which shows a female worker sporting a red McDonald’s jacket scooping snow outside of the restaurant and taking it back into the kitchen. She then uses a long spatula to stir it in a bucket at the sink.

After being made aware of the matter, the restaurant manager stated there was no running water in the establishment that day, but confirmed the staff used only bottled water to make drinks. A customer service officer from McDonald’s China insisted the worker was using the snow for cleaning purposes, not to make beverages.

“The worker is planning to use the ice water to clean the restaurant but not for making food or drinks. We care for our customers’ health,” the officer was quoted saying.

A translation of Chao’s footage also suggests the employee said, “The snow is very difficult to melt. I will boil it and give it to you to mop the floor” in the video.

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