Mike Tyson Beats Up Fellow Plane Passenger

An unruly plane passenger in San Francisco has a bloodied forehead and the story of a lifetime after getting beat up by former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

According to TMZ, Tyson was captured on video throwing a bevy of short punches – not haymakers – at a man on a plane at San Francisco International Airport on Wednesday after the passenger had appeared to annoy him. Sources close to Tyson claim the man was extremely intoxicated and wouldn’t stop provoking the boxer prior to the outburst.

A witness on the plane told TMZ that the former heavyweight champ was initially cordial to fans asking for photographs, but one man continued talking in Tyson’s ear which appeared to irritate him.

The man was seated on the row directly behind Tyson, and ‘Iron’ Mike stood up and reached over the back of his seat and punched away.

Footage shows the man was left bleeding from his forehead. A witness on the plane told TMZ the man required medical attention and went to the police, who have not confirmed an investigation into the incident.

The flight was headed to Miami, where Tyson is slated to speak at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Afterparty at LIV in Miami at 8 PM ET Thursday night.

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  1. He better watch his step and fly first class to avoid drunks. He could easily land in jail again for hitting stupid people

  2. I’m sure that Mike is someone that would easily be targeted by some idiot who has had too much to drink. Mike should have security people traveling with him. That way, the security people will be the targets of any lawsuit-and you just know that this loser that Mike punched is looking for a payday, and, sadly will probably get it.

  3. I think Mike should have punched his ass harder! Why do people think it is cool to mess with anybody? This jerk should be kicked off all planes and Mike should sue him for harassment! Little punks like this guy need a good ass whoopin sometimes!

  4. Always trying to get paid at celebrities expense. Provoke any stranger and assault them with a water bottle,get punched you deserve it..Opportunists like this need a little court time with fines and some jail time if it’s injuries like his face.. I guess Will Smith got away with it so monkey see monkey trips

  5. No good will come from this…
    There’s no question that this punk deserved what he got…and 22 yrs ago, he might have got a payday from it…and that would be all.
    Unfortunately, now is not then…and it’s certainly not okay to smack an a-hole who does anything short of assault…even moreso on a plane.
    If Mike is driving instead of flying from now on, I hope that the creep gets the same result.

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