Mr. Belding from “Saved by the Bell” powerbombing a dude through a table is your badass nostalgia moment of the week Instagram Screenshot

If you had any sort of childhood, you remember watching Zach Morris, A.C. Slater and the rest of the gang from Bayside High get into all sorts of shenanigans on the classic TV show “Saved by the Bell.” And remember who was always there to keep them in check? None other than Principal Richard Belding.

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What’s Mr. Belding up to now that he’s no longer the principal at Bayside, you ask? Turns out he’s powerbombing guys through tables, that’s what.

Dennis Haskins, who played Belding, is a longtime WWE fan, and when wrestlers P.B. Slater & Kev Morris of “The Bayside Tigers” made their Wrestle Pro debut in Brooklyn last Sunday, naturally Haskins was called in to reprise his role. What an epic moment. 

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