New York’s public transit system has been rough all season in what residents have dubbed the “Summer of Hell.” Constant maintenance has kept commuters in the tunnels for longer than they’re used to and has caused backlogged trains.

But even hardened New Yorkers weren’t prepared to the spectacle that they witnessed Thursday morning. Twitter employee Casie Jordan was on her way to work when her train screeched to a halt. In front of them, on the tracks, was a man strolling through the tunnel. She uploaded a video of the encounter to Twitter along with some images of the subway stroller.

A Metropolitan Transit Authority spokesperson told the New York Daily News, “Power was turned off to all tracks between 34 St.-Penn Station to Christopher St. after he was observed attempting to touch the third rail and running along the tracks between stations.” The MTA was forced to re-route five different train lines,

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By 8:30 a.m., police had entered the tunnel and arrested the man — ten minutes later, trains resumed service. A police spokesperson told Rare that the suspect “is undergoing psychiatric evaluation Bellevue Hospital.” Once he has cleared that evaluation, charges will be filed. Police did not say what charges they are expecting.

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