Newly released footage shows a helicopter crashing while taking a bride to her wedding

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Heartbreaking footage has emerged from a 2016 helicopter crash that killed a bride and three others while they were on the way to her wedding.

Rosemere do Nascimento Silva of Brazil wanted to surprise her groom by arriving at their wedding by helicopter, so she boarded the aircraft with her brother, a pregnant photographer and the pilot. Tragically, the helicopter crashed a few miles away from the ceremony, leaving all passengers dead.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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The new footage of the incident shows the bride inside the helicopter for a few moments leading up to the crash. In the beginning, she can be seen smiling, excited for her wedding day. As the video continues, it’s clear that the helicopter experiences some sort of turbulence. An alarm goes off, and the passengers begin screaming in panic. The camera falls as the helicopter begins going down, filming the crash even once its lens is broken.

Authorities believe the helicopter ran into some rough weather, but police and air crash investigators looked into reports that it might have hit a tree due to poor visibility. Emergency responders arrived at the scene but were unable to save any of the victims.

The pastor reportedly delivered the devastating news to the groom at the altar.

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