No one was killed when this SUV blew a stop sign in front of a speeding city bus, and we have no idea how

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The Detroit Department of Transportation released footage from a violent crash that took place on the west side of the city last month.

As a city bus sped towards the intersection of Dexter Avenue and Doris Street on May 26th, a white SUV failed to yield at a stop sign and tried to race in front of the bus.

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To say it “didn’t make it” is an understatement. The bus broadsides the white SUV, blowing out the windows and dragging the vehicle for fifty feet, according to Detroit’s Local 4 News.

The bus hadn’t stopped yet, though. After obliterating the SUV, it careens off the road, sideswiping another car before barreling through a brick wall.

The driver, a 60 year-old man, was hospitalized in critical condition. Miraculously, everyone survived the wreck, including the driver of the SUV and the handful of passengers on the bus at the time.

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