A Swedish motorcyclist turned heads when he recently rode into rush-hour traffic with no clothes on, got his bike up to speed, and popped a wheelie. The video posted by the New York Post identifies the skin-showin’ stuntman as Johannes Erlands, 26.

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The short clip doesn’t quite show everything, but comes close, as Erlands pops a wheelie and accelerates in the left lane of an unnamed highway wearing only boots and a backwards hat. You’d be forgiven for wondering why he even bothered, though he seems to understand that a helmet won’t offer much protection if the rest of you is naked.

A firefighter, Erlands says he “didn’t feel a thing” when performing the stunt, despite the winter temperatures.

In his original video posted to Instagram, Erlands captions the clip with advice to other aspiring naked bikers. Roughly translated, the Swedish reads: “If you’re wearing a backwards hat, remember to wear sunglasses to protect yourself from direct sunlight.”

He adds, however, that “everybody knows that you should use protection gear and helmet riding a motorbike.” Unlike the clip, he’s just covering himself.

The daredevil is no stranger to showing off his fitness and taste for danger, judging by a clip from Instagram that appears to show Erlands deftly climbing a light pole in broad daylight.

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