Imagine flying over an ocean and your engine falls apart — these passengers don’t have to


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Passengers on board a plane traveling from Paris to Los Angeles experienced a terrifying ordeal Saturday when one of the engines on their plane blew out while they were flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

The flight was on an Airbus A380, which is the largest passenger plane in use. Thankfully, they were able to land safely at an airport in Goose Bay, Canada. Passengers on board uploaded stomach-turning images of the destroyed engine to Twitter.

One passenger recalled the incident to the New York Daily News, saying, “We heard a big popping sound, and the airplane basically dropped, and it was trembling. You could definitely tell something was different, and it wasn’t just turbulence.” She says that the flight crew was pacing through the aisles and people were “panicked.”

The Goose Bay airport is a local airport and is not built for larger planes, and certainly, not for the largest passenger airplane in the world. The flight departed Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport at 11:27 a.m. Saturday and touched down at 1:40 p.m. (local times) in Goose Bay, CBC reported. The aircraft was met on the runway by fire crews, but they were not needed, though there was considerable debris after it touched down.

Air France has said that the problem was a “technical issue” and that all passengers are safe.

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