Surveillance video from a Philadelphia Dunkin’ Donuts shows the disturbing moment a man appears to attempt to kidnap a baby from a stroller. In the video, the man is sitting at a window, gets up and walks over to the stroller. He reaches into the stroller and seems to try to grab the infant.

However, two customers in line, thought to be the child’s parents, quickly turn around, push the man away and pull the stroller close to them.

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Police are now investigating the incident and are eager to get the parents’ side of the story, as they both left immediately after, and someone else inside the store had to call the police to report the ordeal. According to police, the suspect was still inside the Dunkin’ Donuts when they arrived. They held him briefly, but need to talk to the adults who were with the baby before charges can be filed.

“Not only do we need a complaining witness to really solidify that what we believe we saw in the video is in fact what we saw, but also we’re not entirely sure the caretakers or guardians of the child as depicted in the video are in fact the parents,” said Captain Sekou Kinebrew. “Even without the parents’ cooperation, we would verbally review this with the district attorney’s office. But I tell you, it would be very difficult because it’s not uncommon that people approach people with children and say, ‘Oh, what a cute kid.’ We don’t believe at all this is what happened here. The video certainly supports something completely different.”

Police have asked anyone with information about the incident to contact the Special Victim’s Unit at 215-685-3253, 3254, 3263.

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