A massive wild boar was spotted rummaging through a dumpster in Hong Kong and some people are rubbing their eyes trying to figure out if this is a real thing.

The video of the animal showed up on Facebook last week and has since been shared thousands of times. In the clip, the gargantuan animal stands on its hind legs and digs around in a dumpster. Three smaller pigs move around beneath the animal.

According to, the video was taken outside of a school. One woman wrote “the wild pig is in front of the left school. I’m careful with Hyung-Hyung’s primary school, and I’ve got a wild boar.”

Wild boars live just about everywhere — in fact they’re the most widely distributed land mammal on earth, according to A-Z animals. They spend about half of their lives asleep and are nocturnal. While the giant pigs might look pretty terrifying, they’re actually herbivores — though that doesn’t make them any less dangerous.


The animals have been known to injure people who get a little too close. In late 2017, two boars wandered into a German town and injured a number of citizens. In 2005, an animal known as “Hogzilla” captured national attention when it was killed in Georgia. The animal was buried soon after but National Geographic managed to test his DNA and confirmed that he was huge, weighing in at roughly 800 pounds.

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