Police Go Undercover as Homeless Men to Catch People Texting While Driving

Montgomery County, Maryland, police are using a new method to catch people they think might be texting while driving. They disguised one officer as a homeless man with a sign.

The officer posed on the side of a road holding a sign that said “I am not homeless. I am a Montgomery County police officer looking for cell phone texting violations.” The officer, dressed in jeans and a hoodie, radioed ahead to his fellow officers when he saw someone on the phone breaking other traffic rules. The rest of his team issued a total of 56 tickets to people caught using their phones without hands-free devices.

Not everyone thought this was a good idea. “The first time I noticed this tactic in use, about a month ago, I nearly hit the car in front of me as I rolled to a stop because the creepy homeless looking person was walking up to my car and I was only looking at him and not the car that had rolled to a stop in front of me.”

The cops are just trying to make the roads safer for everyone. And everyone knows that people drive better when someone is watching them.

Other states are trying similar tactics, such as in this video from Tennessee.


Tennessee police go undercover to catch texters

Texting while driving is now among the top reason for auto wrecks in Tennessee. Now Murfreesboro police have gone undercover with hidden cameras watching to catch those who insist on doing it.

This post was originally published on December 22, 2015.

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