A Muslim family vacationing on South Padre Island, Texas, say it all started when two women asked one member of the family if they would help stop a drunk man from harassing them.

He did allegedly telling the man, “Please enjoy your time and have fun, and let everyone else here enjoy their time,” per the New York Post and that was the last straw for Alexander Downing, 35, of Waterford, Conn.

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After initially walking away from the two women, Downing returned to lay into the man and his family, telling them, “You will never ever stop me, my Christianity from rising above your Sharia law. Your Sharia law don’t mean s**t to me.” He also tells one man, “Donald Trump will smash you; Donald Trump will stop you,” before taunting the family and looking them in the eyes and shouting “Donald Trump!” at them repeatedly. “Donald Trump got you m**********s. Watch.”

He’s also seen grabbing his genitals repeatedly, which the family says was in full sight of their young children.

An unidentified man in the video potentially a member of the family is seen standing between the racist and individual members of the family under assault.

No one got hit, and the family was quick to call police after the man left. Police responded and arrested Downing when he went to a nearby hotel.

Patrick is a content editor for Rare.
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