Surveillance video released by police on Tuesday shows a brutal March 1 attack that occurred inside of a Texas Chicken & Burgers in Brooklyn.

Upon overhearing two men say they were a few dollars short of being able to purchase a meal, a fellow customer at the restaurant, Joseph Molohon, offered to help them pay for their food. However, the men did not appreciate his offer and became violent towards him.

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“I’ve got money, I’ve got money,” one snapped back at him. “Mind your fucking business!”

The two men then proceeded to punch the 37-year-old victim, even grabbing his cane from him and hitting him with it. During the attack, two other men rushed into the restaurant and joined in on the beating. Before leaving, they dragged Molohon toward the front door, leaving him crumpled on the ground for a fifth man to rifle through and empty his pockets.

Customers continued to enter the establishment, stepping over Molohon and placing their orders as if nothing was amiss, until police finally arrived at the scene. The victim was then transported to a nearby hospital to be treated for broken bones, cuts and bruises. He is now in stable condition and is speaking out.

“I heard someone come in and ask for some money for something to eat — someone told them no and I heard them and I turned around and I said, ‘I’ll help you,'” he recounted the incident. “They fractured the middle of my nose, went straight down, busted my head and they busted my eyebrow.”

He said he did not know the suspects prior to the attack.

“It’s just wrong, disgusting, and I don’t know why they would do something [like that],” Molohon said. “I’m a good person. I’m good to everyone.”

Anyone with information on the attackers has been asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

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