3-Year-Old Flies Across The Country To Surprise Navy Mom

Ah, my poor little heart. It can’t take this much cuteness mixed in with happiness and sadness at the same time. I love all kinds of reunion videos, whether it’s family and soldiers reuniting after some time apart, or it’s puppies reuniting with their owners. They all make my heart melt inside. So when I saw this video, I knew I had to share it with the world, because it goes to show us how much we need to appreciate our loved ones. So yeah, cue in the tears.

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Serena Gonzalez, a military mother from Pennsylvania is a Machinist’s mate in the American Navy who is situated in San Diego, California. Gonzalez has a 3-year-old little girl, which she had to leave across the United States in the care of her uncle, Billy Cruz ,until she could get back home after her service. Serena decided to re-enlist so she could give her little girl, Ariella, her post New York 9/11 charge which usually pays for veteran’s instruction costs and can be exchanged to youngsters after they have achieved 10 years of administration. In other words, the mother is giving Ariella the endowment of having the ability to go to any school she needs when she’s older and ready to graduate high school.

Not being able to see her daughter for long periods of time, Billy decided to surprise the navy mom by giving her the joy of seeing her daughter. So both he and 3-year-old Ariella packed their bags and flew across the United States to give Gonzales the ultimate gift. A hug from her toddler.

After arriving in San Diego, both Billy and Ariella went to Gonzalez’s companion’s place where she was staying for the night. As she was dozing off on the brown floor, her companion recorded as Ariella stood in front of her mother and Billy, as they woke her up. The Navy mom slowly opens her eyes and in disbelieve snaps up completely conscious and yells, overwhelmed by seeing her 3-year-old’s face. The mother quickly wrapped her little girl into her arms, crying out to her in complete bliss.

Wanting to share the heartfelt surprise, the mother shared the video with the sweetest message, reading,

“I got the best astonishment of my life at the beginning of today. My youngster. To have the capacity to hold her. What’s more, feel her arms around me once more. To see her grin again face to face. The best love I’ve ever known is from my boogie-woogie. I am honored unendingly with her life consistently.”

See, I told you, tears after tears after tears. You’re the man Billy.

Thank you for your service Serena, we know it’s hard leaving your family behind. I hope you get more sweet and loving surprises like these throughout your time in service.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on May 8, 2019. 

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