Police in Duluth, Ga., have released video footage that reveals how they believe one woman is going about committing crimes.

The unidentified woman, who police believe is pregnant and expecting very shortly, allegedly knocked on a homeowner’s door to check if anyone was home. After she verified that they weren’t, authorities said the woman and a man broke into the home and took off with their property. Video footage shows the woman holding her stomach as she waits to see if the homeowner is in.

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The woman was caught on camera thanks to a doorbell security system that the homeowner had installed. He noticed the appearance of a crime after reviewing the footage.

Local news in Georgia compared the woman and her actions to the Grinch from the holiday story, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Among the items stolen were wrapped presents from underneath the home’s Christmas tree. Police report that the presents had been opened and emptied.

A package sitting unclaimed on a homeowner’s doorstep may have tipped off burglars that they weren’t home. The house was later found ransacked.

After determining the homeowners were gone, the thieves broke into the home through an unlocked window, police said. The crime harkens back to a recent case in the area in which a home was burglarized after thieves noticed an unclaimed package on the doorstep. An unclaimed package was also visible in security footage taken by the man’s doorbell camera in this case.

Police urge homeowners to fill out paperwork with their local departments when they go on vacation. This notifies police that the home is empty and needs to be checked on.

The woman and her unidentified accomplice are still at large.

According to WSB Radio, Duluth police are seeking the public’s help in identifying the victim. They can be reached at if any new information is discovered.

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