There might not be anything more exciting than making it to the Showcase Showdown on the “Price is Right.”

You can’t get there, of course, without first making a stop at the Big Wheel, where you spin the wheel to get the highest number you can.

This girl, however, steps up to spin the Big Wheel and makes a major boo-boo: she awkwardly spins the wheel the wrong way…

Amid boos from the audience, Bob Barker comments, “No, no.”

“Have you never seen the Price –?” he asks.

“No, I’ve seen it!” she exclaims.

“Have you ever seen anyone spin in reverse?” Barker asks accusingly.

Her reasoning? “I wanted to be different.”

Great excuse.

Ironically, she gets another spin, and she lands on the jackpot, winning $1,000 and earning her a spot in the Showcase Showdown.

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