Snake Hunters Flushed a Five-Foot Poisonous Snake Out of a Child’s LEGO Set

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Australian snake hunters had their GoPro camera running last week as they responded to a call near Gold Coast, a city in Queensland, Australia.

Their client, a homeowner, had called about a snake in their child’s playroom. They identified the snake as a carpet python, a common (and relatively harmless) species.

But Inside Edition reports that Tony and Brooke Harrison, the Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catchers, instead found a five-foot eastern brown snake the second most poisonous snake on Earth.

The removal, nevertheless, went smoothly. It helps that Tony has three of them as pets!

In video of the removal, Harrison grabs the tail of the snake and guides it into the bag with partner Brooke’s help.

The situation could have turned out much worse, Tony explained.

He told Inside Edition that the eastern brown snake is easily aggravated, in addition to being extremely poisonous.

“It was a very dangerous situation for the kids of the house,” Harrison said.

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