Hidden Snake Bites Man On Door Cam

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It was definitely a devastating and shocking day for Jerel Heywood, who was attacked by a snake after innocently opening a screen door. Heywood was visiting his BFF Rodney Copeland’s home in Lawton, Oklahoma when the doorbell camera captured the terrifying moment, which makes your skin crawl! The snake was wrapped around a porch light and is believed to have been spooked by the man.

As Heywood opens the screen door, the snake pops into the corner of the camera and immediately bites into his head before retreating. Copeland said he watched in pure horror as his friend busted through the front door, shouting as he clutched onto his face. Along with his wife, he took Heywood to the hospital where he was treated immediately since the type of snake was unknown.

Thankfully, the snake was not venomous and he was able to walk away from the hospital without stitches. As for the snake, well that’s another story. Copeland’s wife began screaming when Heywood was bitten, so as good neighbors do, they brought over a hammer, and well…the rest is history. Sorry snake.

Copeland did state that this was the first time he found a snake in his home but believes the 5-foot reptile was taking refuge from the recent heavy rains. Which is something we must all be careful of, especially since this weather has been pretty hectic and unpredictable these days.

Of course, if you do encounter the snake, the last thing you should do is bang it with the hammer. Although much appreciated by Copeland’s wife, you should always try to stay away from a snake as best as possible. Here are a few tips as to how to properly get rid of the potential lurkers courtesy of “Professional Wildlife Removal”.

Because we don’t want any more snake bites!

  1. Leave the snake alone. That doesn’t sound helpful, but it’s actually the best approach 90+% of the time.
  2. Use a push broom to sweep a snake away at a safe distance – works well with a snake inside a house, garage, shed, etc.
  3. If you can identify the snake as safe, wear gloves and pick it up and move it to a new place.
  4. If you cannot identify the snake or are afraid to interact with it, hire a professional off of this directory and they can remove it.
  5. Set a snake trap to catch the snake. There are a few on the market. I like the yellow ones best.
  6. Install a snake fence around the perimeter of your yard or property. This is the only way to keep them out for sure.
  7. Modify your property to make it less attractive to snakes. Trim back ground brush, fill in holes that would make a good den.
  8. You can purchase and apply a snake repellent powder, sprinkle, spray, or noise device. But although these are sold, they are completely ineffective, and a waste of time and money.

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