SoCal Residents Spotted A Bunch of UFOs And Are Sharing The Stories

A group of glowing lights was spotted on Monday night around 9pm in Southern California. Footage of the group of UFOs instantly received attention of Twitter.

Videos by Rare

The mysterious lights were spotted floating over the Pacific Ocean near San Diego. Residents in the area noticed the unusual lights and immediately started documenting them. The footage of the glowing lights led to speculation that there was UFO activity.

According to witnesses, the multiple lights floating over the ocean lasted for about at hour. There were as many as six lights that changed formations multiple times.

Do I get to believe it’s finally aliens visiting us

The reactions on social media to the lights varied, but many people seemed to think that aliens might be involved. One person commented, “Does anyone know if it’s 4th of July related, or the Navy, or do I get to believe it’s finally aliens visiting us?”

Another asked why people weren’t freaking out, “Is this some sort of Morse code? Why is no one else freaking out?”

While another was hopeful aliens were visiting, “Weird lights hovering in San Diego. Everyone: Please be aliens.”

Imperial Beach in San Diego is hosting a drone show on the 4th of July, but the city manager said, “the lights from yesterday are not related with the upcoming event. The company we’re hiring did not perform any testing”

The U.S. Coast Guard said the lights were from flares

There were no military or commercial planes in the sky at the time of the sightings. The lights in the sky are believed to be from military flares, according to a San Diego Police Watch Commander. The U.S. Coast Guard said the lights were from flares from a ship off the coast.

The military facilities in the area denied any knowledge of the lights. Despite this denial, the San Diego Police Department insisted that the military confirmed they were using the lights for exercises.

The UFOs in San Diego are the latest of a string of reported sightings across the country recently.

Last summer the Pentagon investigated what they officially call “unidentified aerial phenomena” after several military pilots reported encounters with UFOs

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  1. I think they are drones. I have seen similar lights over the ocean at Myrtle Beach at night while sitting on the balcony of a condo. Our guests saw them also. I mentioned the sighting to a man who ran a local rental for fishing at a nearby dock. He wrote the info down as to time and date sighted and description. The lights went high, low, and side-ways darting about until they disappeared into the distance out towards the Atlantic. Different colors of light were seen. A relative of mine said he has seen a UFO near his house of varying colors and seen just prior to an overhead plane approaching the area. Savannah airport is very close by our vicinity. He says he was knocked down by his garage as it passed over him fairly low in the sky just over the trees. I have never seen anything but the lights at the beach.

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