A package thief got an asphalt-flavored taste of instant karma, and it was all caught on camera


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

We’ve all fallen victim to a package thief. After a few days, that thing you ordered online shows up at your door — or at least the email says it does — but it’s not there. Or worse, you watch someone steal your package via security camera, scurrying away with what you paid for.

It’s the worst around the holidays. There are more packages in the mail than ever, and every one of them has a gift for someone.

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Now, a quick-thinking nanny is earning praise for stepping up and getting a package thief arrested. Kate Anderson is the nanny of a 1-year-old in Everett, Wash. She saw a package thief walk up to the front door of her friend’s home — loaded with gifts for the child she takes care of — minutes after an Amazon driver delivered it.

“I knew. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s taking that,’ so I just took off after her, to be honest,” Anderson told KIRO. In the video, Anderson rushes outside to confront the thief, and the driver of her getaway car mashes the gas pedal. One problem: the thief’s not inside the car!

The Cadillac SUV peels off, leaving a woman, identified by police as Rhieanna Schindler, 29, sprawled on the ground. After a short struggle, Anderson restrains the thief and gets a passerby to call the police.

Snohomish County sheriff’s deputies arrested Schindler, who they say has outstanding warrants for theft and drug possession. Schindler, they say, has been arrested over 20 times since 2010.

Anderson’s friend Tanya Smith, who hires her to watch her child, called her a “straight baller” who “doesn’t take crap from anybody.”

Even better, Anderson said she’d do it again, telling KIRO: “I think I would’ve handled it the same way, yes, because it’s just not OK to go around doing that. It’s so not OK with me.”

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