Surveillance camera catches footage of a 120-pound tire flying into the side of a house FOX23/Screenshot

Thank goodness nobody was injured in a scary incident in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that left an enormous hole in the side of a family’s house.

Jim Crews was walking toward his home when he suddenly heard a loud noise.

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“As I got to the door, I just heard this loud bang and stuff flying everywhere, and I thought there was a wreck on the highway,” Crews told FOX 23 News.

He frantically ran over to see what happened. That’s when he spotted the large tire beside his house — well, next to a large hole that had ripped through the side of his house.

Crews’ wife was inside the house at the time of the incident, but thankfully she was not in the room where the tire collided with the house. Nobody else was injured either. Crews took the FOX 23 News crew inside his family room to see the damage his home sustained and revealed that he was able to capture the moment the tire flew through the air on surveillance cameras he has installed around his house. You can see the tire fly from Highway 412 and crash into the side of the house.

Crews thankfully has insurance to cover the cost of damages.

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