Footage from a surveillance camera shows Dutch model Ivana Smit, 18, being carried by American “swinger” and businessman Alex Johnson while his wife Luna watches, just hours before she was found naked and dead after allegedly falling from the balcony of an Malaysian apartment building.

In the haunting footage, Johnson carries Smit in his arms through what appears to be a club, stopping at an elevator. A group of people, including Johnson’s wife, walk along with the pair. A short time later, the teenager was tragically discovered dead on the sixth-floor balcony of the couple’s apartment building. According to police officers, Smit was intoxicated and had traces of ecstasy and amphetamines in her system when they believe she plunged nearly 140 feet to her death from the 20th floor of the complex.

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Mark Williams-Thomas, a former British police officer, however, is investigating the case and believes Smit may have been dead before her fall, saying in an interview, “I have no doubt. From the evidence that I have collected this week, and other information that we have through the forensics, we are in a position to say very clearly: If this was being dealt with in the UK, it would be treated as a homicide investigation.”

Having heard rumors that the couple were “swingers” who often partied with young models, Smit’s family has also questioned the investigation into her death, which so far has found “no elements of foul play.”

“At about 10 a.m. she would have fallen from the balcony at 20 floors high. How is that possible? It is strange that she was not found until 3 p.m.,” her father wondered before pushing back against the American couple’s claim that they slept through her fall. “She did not fall and did not jump either. His wife had taken their 4-year-old daughter to school and then gone to sleep. They did not notice anything regarding Ivana’s fall. Very strange that the American couple does nothing from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Ivana’s belongings were still in the apartment.”

After seeing the video from her final hours, her uncle, Fred Agenjo Weinhold, said, “This is disturbing. I don’t know why she is being carried. Johnson is taking Ivana in his hands, his wife is behind. I want to ask the question as to why that is occurring. I think it is because Ivana felt safe because his wife was present. She had never met him until that night and also Ivana liked to be the center of attention.”

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