Surveillance footage shows a glimpse into the last hours before an adult entertainer mom’s eerie death Left: YouTube/Inside Edition Right: Twitter/@kittykatwest75
Left: YouTube/Inside Edition Right: Twitter/@kittykatwest75

An Alabama mom who doubled as an “exhibitionist” purchased whiskey and absinthe with her husband just hours before she was mysteriously found dead, according to newly obtained surveillance footage.

Kathleen Dawn West, 42, was a wife and a mother to a middle school-aged daughter and spent her free time posting risque photos online with a chance for her subscribers to see sexier images for $15.99 a month. Just before 9 p.m. on January 12, she walked into a liquor store with husband William Jeffrey West to purchase alcohol — and the video from inside the store is reportedly the last time she was seen alive.

“They came in, it looked like they were on their date night,” shop worker Stacey Oglesby recalled. “They bought a bottle of Jameson and a bottle of Lucid absinthe and made their purchase and went on their way. Everything was normal.”

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In the footage, West sports jeans, wedges and a leather jacket, and she laughs and playfully flirts with her husband while they shop and make their purchases. Mere hours later, she was found dead outside of her home wearing only a sports bra next to a cell phone and a bottle of absinthe. She was face down and bleeding from the head, and worried neighbors were able to get a view of the heartbreaking scene.

“It’s got everybody a little bit on edge and a little bit uneasy right now, and we just want answers,” one neighbor said.

Mystery continues to shroud West’s death as police have ruled the tragedy a homicide despite not yet disclosing how they believe she died. So far, no arrests have been made. Her husband has asked that he and his daughter be allowed to mourn in privacy, and a funeral service was held for the late mother on Tuesday.

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