Newly released police footage shows an arrested woman escaping police custody in incredible fashion: by slipping out of her handcuffs, driving off in a police SUV and leading authorities on a high-speed chase, reports Cleveland 19 News.

The video begins by showing police arresting Toscha Sponsler for allegedly shoplifting. Once she’s in the back of the cruiser, however, the woman somehow manages to take off both her seat belt and her handcuffs. She then crawls into the front seat of the car, and as the officers rifle through Sponsler’s belongings outside of the vehicle, she takes off.

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Officers can be seen running after the cruiser, but Sponsler is able to get away, leading police on a high-speed chase. Dashcam video from inside the stolen vehicle shows her driving on the wrong side of the road as the officers follow her at speeds reaching 100 mph. After about 20 minutes, Sponsler loses control of the vehicle, comes to a stop on the side of the road and is re-arrested.

Sponsler now faces charges of escape causing serious bodily injury, evading arrest with a vehicle, unauthorized use of a vehicle, aggravated assault against a public servant and possession of a controlled substance. She was jailed on an $18,000 bond.

Officers have since installed a device between the front and back seats of all marked vehicles in effort to avoid a similar situation.

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