In a shooting caught on Facebook Live, a 20-year-old pregnant woman was wounded, while her 26-year-old boyfriend and her 2-year-old child, Lavontay White Jr., were killed. The trio had been driving through Chicago on Tuesday, singing and smiling as they filmed the video. As they sang along to the radio, roughly a dozen gunshots were fired at their vehicle.

“Call 911! They killed him. […] I have a bullet in my stomach,” the woman can be heard screaming as the footage goes dark while she runs from the car and into a house nearby. “Please, please, I can’t breathe. Oh my God, please don’t, Lord, I can’t go. I can’t go.”

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According to police, Lavontay and the man were both hit in the head by bullets. Superintendent Eddie Johnson said paramedics were able to revive Lavontay at the scene, but that he later died at Stroger Hospital. The woman and the baby she was carrying, however, are both listed in fair condition by Mount Sinai Hospital and are expected to survive.

The woman reportedly told police that they were driving through an alley when a car blocked them behind an auto shop. A gunman then got out of the car and opened fire. As of late Tuesday, no one was in custody, but investigators believe the woman’s boyfriend was the intended target.

“We have very promising leads; we have video,” Johnson said. “There’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll find him.”

Lavontay was the second child to die in Chicago on Tuesday as a result of a gunshot wound as the city continues to battle an uproar in gun violence. Takiya Holmes, 11, passed away Tuesday morning after suffering from wounds inflicted on Saturday. Another girl, Kanari Gentry Bowers, 12, was also wounded over the weekend and has remained in critical condition and on life support.

“One victim of one shooting is one too many, but when innocent children are caught in the crossfire of gun violence and young people have their childhood stolen by stray bullets, our consciences are shaken and our hearts are broken,” Mayor Emanuel said in a statement calling for “meaningful” gun control. “Every parent, regardless of where they live, should be able to take their child for a walk to the park or a ride in the car. These are normal rites of passage of childhood.”

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